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ODM Projects Industry

ODM Projects IndustryWe accept customized orders from industry customers, to build the battery packs with specified parameters and requirements. We can make finished battery pack along with BMS, or make pre assembled battery packs and customer install the BMS sourced by their own. We only only have standard battery packs like preferred battery packs, but also can offer different kinds of customized battery packs, battery modules and li-ion cells. The modules can easily assembled to all kinds of battery packs as customer designed to. We have over than 9 years experience (checked in 2009), we are act fast in response for sample design, deliver sample packs in 4~6 weeks and finish quantity volume orders in 4~6 weeks if need to.

Below are the typical steps of making customized batteries for customer.

  • Describe the battery application and usage condition.

  • Describe the battery requirements and parameters in detail.

  •  Exchange ideas, make proposal to customer.

  • Check the price and delivery term, place prototype order.

  • Deliver prototype order for the confirm.

  • Test the batteries in prototype stage.

  • Deliver quantity volume order.