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Metal Case li-ion battery pack (OEM)

Can be customized to suit customer requirements.

51.8V voltage, 144Ah capacity, BWPNE51144U,

Iron case with gray color painted, indicator, 2 handles,

Waterproof of IP67 Level, fully sealed,

Li-NCM chemistry (Can change to LiFePO4),

Discharge current, 185A continuous/ 250A peak,
(Can be customized)

450*355*255mm, weight 49kg,
(Can be customized)

Power cable with SB350 gray Anderson connector,


Mode type: BWPNE51144U

Volt and Capacity:  51.8V 144Ah

Chemistry: Li-NCM chemistry
(Can change to LiFePO4)

Appearance: Iron case with gray painted, 1 indicator and 2 handles

IP class: IP67, waterproof

Size and weight: 450*355*255mm, 49 ± 1 kg
(Size can be customized)

Discharge current: ≤ 185A continuous / 250A peak
(Can be customized)

Charge current:     ≤ 50A continuous / 150A peak
(Can be customized)

Cycle life: 2000 times @ 80% DOD

Output: Power cable with SB350 gray Anderson connector

We can offer design and customize the battery packs for customer. We can build metal case, or open mold to build plastic case battery packs as customer required. Battery pack will have well designed inside structure to resist the vibration and hard usage conditions. We can install PCB BMS and fuses inside, or install the BMS as customer specified. After battery packs been made, here will be fully final test been done, then ship with DDU delivery to customer specified address.

If customer want to install BMS by their own, we can build the fix holes for BMS and prepare the wire harness accordingly if drawings were offered.

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