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Battery packs

Bestgo Battery offer OEM service to make quantity volume battery packs according to customer requirements. For the reliable performance, we use single cells which are manufactured by the latest manufacturing way under the automatic monitoring-feedback system. All materials for cells are sourced from famous companies in Japan, Taiwan and China. We use professional matching system to select and group the best identical cells for battery pack, which make sure the superior consistency and high reliable performance. For the battery stucture, we have patented structure methods like block type structures, cassette sheets structures and so on to build cell pack, we will design suitable battery case for cell pack with BMS built in and necessary components. The whole pack will be delivered as “ready-to-use” products with a high reliable quality.

For the cells information, please visit Li-ion Pouch cells page.

For the battery modules information, please visit Battery modules page.

Metal case battery packs (OEM)

Lithium ion battery packs with metal case packaged are treated as high safety assurance. Metal case will act as a protector to resist outside force damage, it can also be treated as an isolation method if any inside or outside condition came into serious problems. The metal case can be sealed in an acceptable waterproof and dustproof level, the case can be installed with handles, sockets, connectors and necessary components etc. For inside structure the metal case can be installed with extra metal frames or sheets with threaded holes, it is good for BMS installation and block type modules or cassette sheets modules assembly, battery modules will be well built inside metal case to obtain a high reliable battery pack. READ MORE

Battery packs OEM

Shrink film packaged battery packs

The shrink film package way for batteries are similar to for modules but have extra BMS built inside. Pouch cells will be arranged together with cell tabs go through PCB converting board(s), here will be extra foams among them for necessary buffering and isolation. After cells and converting boards are firmly fixed the cell tabs will lay down for tin welding as parallel and series configuration. To build the battery pack it will have BMS located and installed on the cell pack with necessary isolation foams. After that we will use PVC sheets all around the pack for protection, then use heat shrink film wrap the whole pack with heat blower to finish the final package.

We could also use cylindrical cells to build small capacity battery packs by this way. READ MORE

Shrink film packaged battery packs

Battery packs (12V, 24V, 48V)

Bestgo developed the "preferred" series li-ion battery packs for the low voltage applications. They are standard battery packs for the 12V, 24V and 48V, capacity from 100Ah to 400Ah. Battery packs can be parallel configured to increase the capacity for a longer running time (follow the installation instructions). Those battery packs are using LiFePO4 chemistry which is considered the safest chemistry among all lithium chemistries, plus they have ceramic separators in cells for the best safety. Battery packs use aluminum cases with waterproof design, they can be used in many harsh conditions. They are featured with light weight, high performance, long cycle life and easy to use.READ MORE

Battery packs (12V, 24V, 48V)