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Products overview

We offer excellent energy storage solutions based on our advanced lithium ion batteries. Customer could specify the detail requirements of battery packs, like voltage, capacity, constant and peak currents, battery dimension, weight, application etc, then we build suitable battery packs for customer.

Li-ion pouch cells

The Li-NCM cells (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide based) made by us have high energy density (180Wh/kg, 200Wh/kg, 240Wh/kg level) which are suitable for light and impart battery packs. We updated battery materials to achieve a higher level of safety tolerance and consistency. They have been made to battery packs equipped on hundreds of electric buses running for every day.

The LiFePO4 cells (Lithium Iron Phosphate Oxide based) made by us have features of long cycle life and high safety assurance. Some of 10Ah LiFePO4 pouch cells made in 2011 have cycled over than 4000 times with 100% DOD in test lab. They are suitable for long term energy storage systems etc.

Li-NCM pouch cells

Li-ion battery modules

Bestgo developed several kinds of module structures that can simplify the assembly of battery pack. Those modules have unified sizes that can be easily configured in parallel and series to reach specified voltage and capacity. The connection among modules are simple and reliable with soft link busbars, the design of package structure became easy and reliable. the entire system design is flexible in shape adjustment.

We are able to build the suitable wire harness for BMS that customer selected if offered connector details of BMS. Those features could save a lot of works in structure design and easy to create a reliable battery system.

Bestgo Preferred battery packs

Bestgo developed some standard types of li-ion battery packs for the low voltage applications. They are “preferred series” battery packs for the 12V, 24V and 48V, capacity from 100Ah to 400Ah. Battery packs can be parallel configured to increase the capacity for a longer running time (follow the installation instructions). Those battery packs are using LiFePO4 chemistry which is considered the safest chemistry among all lithium chemistries, plus they have ceramic separators in cells for the best safety. Battery packs use aluminum cases with waterproof design, they can be used in many harsh conditions. They are featured with light weight, high performance, long cycle life and easy to use. Battery packs have BMS and fuse built inside, has handle(s) for lifting and carrying. Here is an intelligent indicator on top to show the voltage, current, and the packs State Of Charge, ‘SOC’. It can be extended with a long signal wire with another indicator to show info anywhere.

Customize battery packs for customer

Bestgo offer design and OEM making for battery packs in quantity volume orders. We can build the metal case battery packs with all modules inside and assembled, contractor, fuse, terminals installed and wire harness prepared, customer just install their BMS easily (for example Orion BMS). Or we can equip the simple PCB BMS or SRC BMS from our suppliers.

For the reliable performance, we use single cells which are made by the latest manufacturing way under the automatic monitoring-feedback system. All materials for cells are sourced from famous companies in Japan, Taiwan and China. With professional matching system, we can choose the best identical cells for cell pack, this make sure the superior consistency and high reliable.


With years of experiences and fully understanding of application requirements, our engineers could offer the best proposal of battery packs with 3D design file for the confirm. For mass production we will apply the high-end quality control methods with advanced equipment and strict operation procedures.

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Recommended Products

Here are samples of battery packs that we can make for customer, we list them for a better understanding of our products. Those products can be customized in shapes and parameters to suit the customer’s specified application.

Li-ion pouch cells (product list)

All li-ion pouch cells listed, Li-NCM cells of 3.7V 37Ah, 3.7V 32Ah, 3.7V 48Ah, cycle life 3000 times, LiFePO4 cells of 3.2V 25Ah, 3.2V 30Ah etc. Massive stock prepared.

Li-ion Battery modules

Aluminum block li-ion battery modules offered by Bestgo: cells have difference arrangement in series and parallel config, to reach like 1S12P, 2S6P, 3S4P, 4S3P, 6S2P in one battery module.

Shrink film packaged battery pack

51.2V 50Ah, LiFePO4 chemistry, by using 3.2V 25Ah LiFePO4 pouch cells, for light weight, high safety required, sometimes heat conditions.
Can be customized.

12V, 24V, 48V LiFePO4 batteries

Aluminum case, IP66, LiFePO4 chemistry, 12V, 24V, 48V, capacity from 100Ah to 400Ah, BMS built in with intelligent indicator, "ready-to-use" products. Massive stock prepared.

12V, 24V, 48V LiFePO4 batteries

Aluminum case, IP66, 48V 175Ah, 45kg, Li-NCM chemistry, power output of 11kw shortly, 25kw peak. Can be parallel configured to increase capability, designed for boat/EV application.

Customize: Metal case battery pack

51.8V 144Ah, Li-NCM chemistry, metal case with painted, for big power put with light weight and small size required, IP67 waterproof, 
Can be customized.

OEM battery pack without BMS

Battery modules were built in metal case, busbars, fuse, contactor, wire harness were installed, battery packs were fully tested then shipped to customer for their own BMS installation.

Cassette sheet battery module

Li-ion battery system made with battery packs, BMS control box and touch screen, system for high voltage and high power application.
Can be customized.

Plastic case battery pack

Plastic case battery packs made for light electric scooters, with cylindrical cells built inside, LG cells, portable weight with high power output.
Accept OEM/ODM orders.