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Shrink film packaged battery pack (OEM)

Voltage and capacity can be customized.

48V voltage, 25Ah capacity, BSPFE48025SF,

Shrink film packaged, PVC sheet built inside for protection,

PCB BMS built in with foams, power wires came out,

Chemistry: LiFePO4 pouch cells,
(Can also use Li-NCM cylindrical cells, like LG, Samsung, Panasonic etc.)

Discharge current: 15A continuous / 30A peak,

Charge current: 15A continuous / 30A shortly,

Size: 165*150*265mm, weight: 9.5 ± 0.2 kg,

Power cables came out with bullet connectors.


For the shrink film battery packs made with pouch cells, cells will be stacked together, then have cell tabs go through the PCB converting board(s), here will be extra foams among them for necessary buffering and isolation. After cells and converting boards are firmly fixed the cell tabs will lay down for welding as parallel and series configuration. To build the battery pack it will have BMS located and installed on the cell pack with necessary isolation foams. After that we will use PVC sheets all around the pack for protection, then use heat shrink film wrap the whole pack with heat blower to finish the final package.

For the shrink film battery packs made with cylindrical cells, we will use reliable cells like LG, Samsung, Panasonic etc. We will use the plastic cell holder frames to well hold the structure, then customize the thickness of nickel tab according to the current should withstand. After cells pack been assembled, we will use the foams and PVC sheets to fully wrap them, install the BMS and assemble to the complete battery pack.

Above are pictures to show how a shrink film packaged battery pack been made. The pack size can be adjusted according to the inner cell arrangement. For the calculation of shrink film packaged battery pack, please visit please visit the article of "Calculate the size of battery packs that are made by single cells" in FAQ page.

For cell’s quality control and cell's matching and grouping for battery pack, please visit Technology page.

Below are some examples of shrink film packaged packs been made, we will be happy to make customized battery packs for you.

Voltage Capacity Chemistry Max Dis.Current Pack Dimension Package Way Total Weight
24V 20Ah Li-NCM ≤ 40A constant 105*75*255mm Shrink film with BMS 3.1kg
36V 20Ah Li-NCM ≤ 40A constant 145*75*255mm Shrink film with BMS 4.3kg
48V 12Ah Li-NCM ≤ 24A constant 105*75*255mm Shrink film with BMS 3.3kg

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