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ODM Projects Energy Storage

ODM Projects Energy StorageWe developed standard battery packs for energy storage application, Preferred battery packs for energy storage application, the volt of 12V, 24V, 48V, capacity from 100Ah to 400Ah, packs can be put in parallel config to increase total capacity, or can put in series config to increase total voltage of the whole system. Those standard battery packs should be installed with BMS that offer by customer or by us, and whole system is well managed by the BMS system. Our engineers have rich experience in design of battery system, our unique technology can make sure cells have high level standards in battery packs, the voltage difference is quite low and consistency can be quite well after years of usage.

Below are the typical steps of making customized batteries for customer.

  • Describe the battery application and usage condition.

  • Describe the battery requirements and parameters in detail.

  •  Exchange ideas, make proposal to customer.

  • Check the price and delivery term, place prototype order.

  • Deliver prototype order for the confirm.

  • Test the batteries in prototype stage.

  • Deliver quantity volume order.