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Quality Control

Quality control

To ensure our battery quality, we start by purchasing high quality raw materials and then assemble these materials on a production line using automated equipment, along with the latest in manufacturing processes and a high degree of precision quality control. For instance, our LiFePO4 battery processing, manufacturing and inspection equipment are directly imported from specialized equipment manufacturers in Taiwan. Other materials like separators are imported from qualified suppliers in Japan and China. We then use laser equipment to detect the thickness in the coating process. This laser equipment communicates with the coating machine in a feedback system to maintain tight tolerances and make sure that no cells are produced outside preset limits. We also deployed a PDMS (Product Data management System) for quality control. Every step in the manufacturing process is checked, logged and judged, so that if a problem occurs it will be discovered early and any faulty product would be discarded. This automated attention to every step of the manufacturing process results in higher yields and ultimately lower production costs.