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48V 175Ah high power Li-ion battery pack

High performance battery packs, can be put in parallel config !

51.8V voltage, 175Ah capacity, BWP-NC51175-AEL-MV

Aluminum case with sliver color painted, indicator, 2 handles,

Waterproof IP66 Level, fully sealed,

 Li-NCM chemistry,

Discharge current of 230A shortly/ 480A peak,

(Can be customized)

648*343*165mm, weight 45kg,

Designed for boat/EV application.


High performance battery packs, can be put in parallel config !

Mode type: BWP-NC51175-AEL-MV

Volt and Capacity: 51.8V 175Ah

Cell chemistry: Power type Li-NCM chemistry

Appearance: Aluminum case painted, 1 indicator and 2 handles

IP class: IP66, waterproof

Size: 648*343*165 ± 1 mm / 25.5*13.5*6.5 inch's

Weight: 45 ± 0.5 kg / 99 ± 1 lbs

Discharge current: ≤ 230A shortly / 480A peak

Charge current: ≤ 60A continuous / 175A shortly

Cycle life: ≥ 2000 times @ 80% DOD, ± C/3, 23℃

Output: Feed thru stud terminals with M10 bolts.

This kind of battery packs is designed for boat and competition EV, battery packs used high power output Li-NCM cells, which can deliver high peak power with very low resistance, cells in heavy duty usage will generate much lower heat than normal cells. The PCB BMS built inside can support like 230A continuous and 460A peak output. When more packs put in parallel can support much more bigger current if configured rightly according to our guide file. Here is a multi-pins socket on case that can be used to connect the extra intelligent indicator, or the alert speaker or alert light, in case of temperature, voltage, current is out of nominal range. For parallel config please follow the guide file we offered.