In the past nine years (data checked in 2020), Bestgo focused on the lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles, marine, industries, solar panel and energy storage applications, we have built hundreds of projects for customers from worldwide. We keep a closing watching on battery materials developments, adopting the most "up-to-date" technologies, well manage the materials supply chain to offer the best quality products with good cost, and offer the fast response and high professional service to customer.


When LiFePO4 emerged as new alternatives materials for Lithium ion batteries in 2001, China national research institute began to take researches on those materials for lithium ion battery improvement. After a period of time, Chinese government began to offer support to new energy industry, research institutes also make joint researches with battery enterprises like BYD, BAK etc. The predecessor of Bestgo Battery is a core technical team from China national research institute, which have over 16 years' experience on li-ion batteries, 12 years joint research experience on LiFePO4 batteries (data checked in 2020). After years of independent researches on battery materials, the break though technologies have been developed then Bestgo Battery have been founded, company resisted in Hongkong and run factory in Rugao city, southeast of China, total covers 20,000 square meters and about 200 workers. Bestgo batteries are featured as both high power density and ultra-safe performance, due to the updated materials, manufacturing method and safety design.

What’s Our Clients Say

“ We were able to do some testing with some of the modules today, the 80Ah pack worked well in our walk behind model! Those Bestgo Packs made our mowers perform so much better it was just like a brand new machine! “

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