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Electric Scooter Battery Pack (Li-ion type)

Bestgo battery pack for electric scooter

We build battery packs for electric scooters as customer required, normally is Li-NCM or LiFePO4 type. Cells will be selected by auto-matching system which accepts data from PDMS system, to make sure all cells have nice consistency in one pack. After hundreds of cycles, pack will not be affected by some extra weak cells, pack still has stable performance.

We can offer well assemble battery pack with BMS built-in and metal case packaged. If needed, we can install the handle, capacity indicator, components like charging socket, output wires and connectors etc. When customer received battery packs, they only need to locate the pack into scooter and connect wires, then it works.

For a specified project, we can offer 3D design papers for customer confirmation. When order has been placed,detailed parameter will be listed for the confirmation.