battery applications

Electric Vehicle Battery Pack (Li-ion type)

Bestgo battery pack for electric bus

Bestgo Battery delivers advanced Li-ion batteries and battery packs with well-designed module structures for the pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Our engineers are rich in experience of helping customer design the right battery power systems for the vehicle, the unique LiFePO4 battery technology will make sure the high strict standards of batteries for vehicle will be completely finished like high peak power, light weight, long lifespan and ultra-safety etc.

LiFePO4 batteries for electric vehicle belong to the high power type which are optimized in peak power delivery and safety. The design of module structure has well considered the thermal management, shock-absorbing, weight-reduction and even the short-circuit protection design for cells in module. Those module structures also will be equipped with our advanced BMS (Battery Management System) for the monitoring so that the entire system is absolutely quality reliable.

High power LiFePO4 cells for electric vehicles
Those cells can deliver high peak discharge current, can accept big charging current as regeneration (when vehicles are breaking or reducing speed). For the safety consideration, the capacity of cells are well calculated so that the volume will not give an over pressure to the protection film (or case) if batteries went wrong.

Lightweight and high strength structural frame for modules
We not only make cells but also offer module structures for the customer. The standard housing structures for cells were made in plastic which are anti-frame materials. Structures are designed to obtain the best structural strength, and well consider the air cooling paths in the module. Those structures were produced in mass to bring down the cost to a good level.

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