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Li-ion battery packs for Light traction vehicles

Bestgo electric scooter battery pack

Bestgo Battery takes 10AH LiFePO4 pouch cells to assemble battery packs for light electric vehicles, like electric bikes or electric scooters. Cells of this type could offer high available capacity, they have wide range of working temperature  ( -18°C to 50°C), long cycle life (2000 times @ 80% DOD), and they are total environmental friendly. Those high quality cells offer stable power output in hard conditions like in vibrate conditions (off-road riding), high power required (climbing) etc. The whole battery pack has reliable quality and good performance.

Here are 36V10AH, 36V20AH, 48V10AH, 48V20AH, 48V 40AH and more types of battery packs for customer selection. It would be convenience for customer that we could offer fully packaged battery pack with charger and BMS (or battery protection board). We are full of confidence that our qualified lithium battery products will help customer win in the e-bike/e-scooter market.

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