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Block type Li-ion battery modules

The block type Li-ion battery module is designed to uniform the battery module size and simplify the assembly process. Pouch cells are well held and protected in an anti-frame plastic frame block with necessary foams for vibration absorption. Here are two of metal sheet bars on above the cells and fixed to the top of frame block, cell tabs go through the metal bars and lay down for the laser welding to firmly attached to the metal bars as a parallel configuration, metal bars have screw holes for further connection among blocks. Here are extra top lids for blocks, after blocks are assembled with bus bars and wires, the plastic lid can be installed for isolation and protection but will not disturb the current connections and wires.

For the pack structure and assembly information please visit battery pack webpage.

Block type Li-ion battery modules
BHPNE7P140E BHPNE7P140E 3.7 V 140 Ah 87*74*245 mm 3.21 Kg 518 Wh
BHPNL10P120H BHPNL10P120H 3.7 V 120 Ah 135*77*210 mm 3.00 Kg 444 Wh
BHPNL7P84E BHPNL7P84E 3.7 V 84 Ah 95*75*147 mm 1.90 Kg 310 Wh
BHPNL5P60E BHPNL5P60E 3.7 V 60 Ah 71*75*147 mm 1.38 Kg 222 Wh
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