Bestgo Power


Bestgo Battery is an advanced Lithium ion battery manufacturer. The Company is registered in Hong Kong and has manufacturing facilities in Changzhou of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China. The Bestgo plants have over 200,000 square meters in floor space and employ over 400 employees.

Bestgo Battery began with a core technical team from Chinese Academy of Science, Lithium Battery Research branch, which had a wealth of experience in manufacturing LiFePO4 batteries going all the way back to 2002, and over 4 years joint research experience with BYD. In early 2002, because of its inherent stability and long life Lithium, Iron, Phosphate battery chemistry ‘LiFePO4’ first emerged as the new and improved alternative for Lithium batteries, This team did many research projects on improved materials for lithium batteries. After a period of time, the Chinese government recognized the importance of these technological advances and began to support this new lithium energy storage industry. The Chinese government also set up various research institutes to make various joint research projects with different battery enterprise’s like BYD, BAK, etc. Due to different research targets between the different competitive companies these various teams stopped doing joint research and kept the studies going independently. These studies produced new break though technologies. Bestgo Battery was founded by the same scientists and engineering team who participated in these early studies. Bestgo batteries now are featured as high power density cells (15C, 25C etc.) that have ultra safe performance.. These features have all been accomplished due to the updated materials, new manufacturing method and safety design that Bestgo uses in their cell manufacturing process..