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Battery packs (12V, 24V, 48V)

Battery packs (12V, 24V, 48V)
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Bestgo developed the "preferred" series li-ion battery packs for the low voltage applications. They are standard battery packs for the 12V, 24V and 48V, capacity from 100Ah to 400Ah. Battery packs can be parallel configured to increase the capacity for a longer running time (follow the installation instructions). Those battery packs are using LiFePO4 chemistry which is considered the safest chemistry among all lithium chemistries, plus they have ceramic separators in cells for the best safety. Battery packs use aluminum cases with waterproof design, they can be used in many harsh conditions. They are featured with high peak performance, long cycle life, light weight and reliable safety.

Battery packs meet IP66 levels so they can be used in many harsh conditions. To achieve this design we used the most advanced cells which can provide superior performance but will generate much less heat, then we apply the passive cooling way and did not build any fan for the battery pack. However, if battery packs need to offer continuously high power input & output (such as charging from empty to full within 2 hours, or discharging from full to empty in 2 hours), and the surrounding temperature is apparently high (like over 35 degree Celsius), please consider to offer some cooling to keep battery pack in the reasonable good temperature condition, thus battery packs can work well and have good battery life.

Battery packs have BMS and fuse built inside, has handle(s) for lifting and carrying. Here is an intelligent indicator on top to show the voltage, current, and the packs State Of Charge, ‘SOC’. It can be extended with a long signal wire with another indicator to show info anywhere. There are red and black terminals with M8 screw holes built on top for power cable connection. Here are 3 screw holes on each long side of battery pack, screw hole has size of M4*8, they can be used for customer to fix the battery pack with bolts. Screw holes do not effect IP66 level as the end of hole is totally sealed.

Battery model Volt Capacity Case Size
Weight Max charge
Max discharge
BWP-FE12200-ATI-PF 12.8 V 200 Ah 310*258*229 ± 1 mm 24 ± 1 kg 200 A / 400 A 200 A / 400 A
BWP-FE12400-ATI-PF 12.8 V 400 Ah 432*266*254 ± 1 mm 43 ± 1 kg 200 A / 400 A 200 A / 400 A
BWP-FE25100-ATI-PF 25.6 V 100 Ah 310*258*229 ± 1 mm 24 ± 1 kg 100 A / 200 A 100 A / 200 A
BWP-FE25200-ATI-PF 25.6 V 200 Ah 432*266*254 ± 1 mm 43 ± 1 kg 200 A / 400 A 200 A / 400 A
BWP-FE51100-ATI-PF 51.2 V 100 Ah 432*266*254 ± 1 mm 43 ± 1 kg 100 A / 200 A 100 A / 200 A

Battery packs (12V, 24V, 48V)

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