battery applications

Electric Scooter Battery Pack (Li-ion type)

Bestgo battery pack for electric scooter

We build battery packs for electric scooters as customer required, normally is Li-NCM or LiFePO4 type. Cells will be selected by auto-matching system which accepts data from PDMS system, to make sure all cells have nice consistency in one pack. After hundreds of cycles, pack will not be affected by some extra weak cells, pack still has stable performance.

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Electric Vehicle Battery Pack (Li-ion type)

Bestgo battery pack for electric bus

Bestgo Battery delivers advanced Li-ion batteries and battery packs with well-designed module structures for the pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Our engineers are rich in experience of helping customer design the right battery power systems for the vehicle, the unique LiFePO4 battery technology...

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Electric Bike / E-Bike battery pack (Li-ion type)

Bestgo Ebike battery

Bestgo Battery devotes to provide you the most dependable, highest quality, lightest and best design in Li-ion battery pack for every E-bike.

We can offer you battery pack assembled with pouch cell, which makes your bike much lighter and smaller. In the same case our battery will store more energy...

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Battery Pack for power machine (Li-ion type)

Here is a LiFePO4 battery pack installed on a power machine.

We use 10Ah LiFePO4 pouch cell to establish the 24V20Ah power system. Including 16 pieces of 10Ah pouch cells, 1 PCB board and some isolate materials. Battery pack weight is about 4.2kg and can store about 0.5kWh energy. Pack is fixed by metallic support.

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